Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's "fishy" Obama?

I shake my head in dis-belief, again, over the direction the "progressives" are taking this NOBEL EXPERIMENT (for so many of you, that is a reference to this Country, and it's Government). Now, the White House wants us to tattle-tale on free speech ponderings. Don't think anymore America, or your 'friends' will report you, and an 'enemies list' will be generated, with your name on it. But, actually worse.......cuz we don't know what this group will do with this list of names; thus, anything is possible.

Then, as reported by the Majority Party in Congress, the 'Republican Mob', has infiltrated all the Town Hall Meetings, to get their pictures on YouTube, and destroy what this new Health Reform Program is going to do FOR us (just who is this, "us")...............

Where is the OUTRAGE over ACORN, SEIU, UAW, perks/benefits, gained (see Below) thru their organized protests (on behalf of our Prez) against AIG, Bank of America, and the rest, that were so widely reported, during the "bailout' commotion, takeover, earlier this year??? Surely their MOB actions, were not 'grass-root' assemblies, right? What with pre-printed signs, and loud rhythmic chants, these had to people right off the streets, nobody got bussed to theses assemblies, right.....?

Not 'Artificial Turf', as Sen Boxer, Sen Durbin, and whoever else, hypocritcally label the perspectives of attendees speaking-out about the Congress' HealthCare Reform plan at these ridiculed Town Hall meetings. Our Congress will use anything, including this mislabelling, as an opportunity to shut down the chance for the common man to be heard on this HealthCare System takeover, by Government. Again, I ask, what happened to the Insurance assistance concept that began this effort? How has the direction changed so dramatically? "the Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions"....

Why won't these elected officials be required to participate in this program, or for that matter why are they not enrolled in Social Security, why are they 'seperate, but equal'?

Wouldn't the costs associated with our current HealthCare System be reduced if the Trail Lawyers Association's (another Democrt Party-Affiliated Group) monetary rewards/judgements, were restricted? Or, Maybe if they had to pay for failed lawsuits, or cases that fail/or were dismissed as 'trivial' law suits????

I found some interesting info online about some of the provisions that are right now in the proposals for this new HealthCare program, passed by one committee in the house, that I want to be share:

How about these? (Remember this is HR3200):

Page 195, "Officers and employees of the Government Health Bureaucracy will have access to ALL Americans financial and Personal records" {YUP! that is exact words...}your personal business is no longer your own..........

Page 203: "The tax imposed under this section, shall not be treated as tax" It really says that. Sure does clear up the Obama statement about no new taxes required, or increases, doesn't it?

page 65, Taxpayers will subsidize all UNION RETIREE, and COMMUNITY ORGANIZER Health Plans (ACORN, UAW, SEIU) Ahhh, the rewards of Community Organizers,( and ACORN their name-this-week-shell-game....).

Page 84, All Private Health Care plans MUST participate in the HealthCare Exchange (No more private HealthCare Programs? Total Government Control)Single-payer is all the rage, now-a-daze!!!

Are you listening America? or,
-Restrictions on Special Needs, mandates of outcome based measures (read rationing).
-A 'Health Care Commissioner", and , I'll end with this one,
-A Government mandated program that orders end-of-life treatment, Government will decide how YOUR LIFE ends.

I have a lot more; but, you get the point, and there is so much other stuff in the news,(ie. N. Korea, and the Clintons.......)

WOW, are you excited yet? ready to stand in line? Give it all to Obama Care? Thank you our great and wonderful Barak, the most High!!!

I wouldn't want anybody to know where I was born either, would you?

With the DEMO-crat party, DEMO-nizing town hall meetings as not really 'of the people', better get on your phone, send emails, and get pens/paper in hand, and write/contact your elected officials in DC, the 'District of Corruption', and let them know, this won't fly. They already are telling us that they don't/won't have to listen because the sounds and pictures they see on TV, YouTube, and the rest, aren't really your voices. WAKE UP BEFORE SOMETHING WORSE HAPPENS, (why are Russian Subs cruising along the East Coast of North America?) ooooooopppps, I digress.

Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be................GSM

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