Monday, August 24, 2009

Barack's Obama-Nation

Want to Know what the President reads?

This book is Called" the Post American World"
written by a "fellow muslin"...Fareed Zakara.

America educated author, hints that we, the USA, are declining, as much as Mega-giant economies India, and China, are going to surpass US in growth.

If we accept the status quo, we will continue the fall. The status quo is More taxes, More government control, More redistribution of wealth, and More cradle to grave regulations, that manipulates the people, our lives, and our economic direction; and, less Equal taxation, Equal representation, and more unEqual Legislation.

Our Fore-Fathers fought over ''Taxation without Representation'' , shouldn't we fight over "Legislation without Representation"?

What is the government doing? The Residential Renovation Act, from the Jimmy Carter era, in the 1970s, eventually required financial institutions to loan to individuals that COULD NOT PAY THE LOANS BACK (eliminated Red Lining, the practice of not loaning into areas, and to people, that were high risk)!!! To what result? The banks, and other financial institutions are now owned somewhat, due to the "Stimulus" and the 'Bailout" packages. This is incrementalism, I mention this word often. These low quality loans, were bundled into securities, and sold at more dollars than they had in value , ahhhh, the result is what we have now, deflation of property values, lots of foreclosures, and high unemployment. When there is no basis for valuations, this is the result, are you enjoying this Government infringement on your life, yet? Wait, it is gonna get better, if you do!!!!

THROW ENOUGH BAD STUFF ONTO OUR ECONOMIC BACK, and IT WILL BREAK..HealthCare, ReDistribution of Wealth, Stimulus I, Stimulus II, Cap and Trade, just to mention SOME of what is being pushed on us, and all unfunded.

We are on the same Slippery Slope when it comes to HealthCare, aka ObamaCare. Loss of choice, this principal, choice, Democrat support is only good when it is about abortion, the Constitutionally recognized Principle is lost in ALL other categories, like Health Insurance, Banking/ Investment, and whether Auto Industry should fail. (Speaking of the Auto Industry, how does a Union gain any ownership over these companies, when it is OUR Tax Dollar, that is Bailing the out? Unions are a small percentage of the population, but, they are a large percentage of the Campaign Contributions that Democrats get..Hmmmmmmm!!!)

Does anyone out there know where all these future Doctors are going to come from if we enact this HealthCare reform, and allow Government to control our HealthSystem? Do you thing Doctors will be attending Medical School for the Love of Humanity at the levels they do now? Money, and Earnings are critical in their thinking, yes they care, about people, but also money, and retirement enter into the equation. I think not only are there going to be fewer Doctors, and more patients, 45Million, according to the Government, the lines will grow exponentially, and the young, and the old will be restricted on what coverage they will be allowed to have, based on Rahm, and Ezekiel Emmanuel's philosophy (OBAMA Advisors, on ALL things Political) called Quality Adjusted Remaining Years, that sounds really invasive, doesn't it? Check it out.......

This Administration, is well adept at 'slight-of-hand' actions, pointing out one issue, while doing something else. Floating Trial Balloons, and pulling them back. Am I the only one amazed at how fast the media got tired of the Town Hall Meeting outrage, while they shove this issue/outrage onto the back burner?

Time to stay focused, or some big Legislation will be passed, late on a Friday Nite, while we were sleeping, like most of the recent salary increases, recently. Stand Up Americans, Stand up and Reign in the scoundrels.

Remove all Incumbents Now=R.A.I.N

post America............ the world after America..............

Pray For Our Beloved Country
Dear God, What have We done?

nuff said.............GSM

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