Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama's Stimulus

This spending package, passed by our Congress to stimulate the economy has now been 10% spent. That means 720 BILLION dollars, is still waiting disbursement. Maybe, after seeing all the positive results, as an example, 550,000 more unemployed this week, it is time to throw this plan out.

Did you know, that if you take this 800Billion dollar stimulus plan, and divide it among the 15million documented unemployed workers, that there would be 53,000 dollars going to each one who is unemployed. Do you think that the amount would stimulate the economy, start some small business, save some homes from foreclosure, etc, etc,?

Why are we letting these elected officials create these farces? Why are we giving billions to a 'cash for clunkers' program, haven't the taxpayer already given enough to the banking and automobile industries? Where has all this money gone? , and when will we begin to 'RAIN' on these elected officials (REMOVE ALL INCUMBENTS NOW).

Keep standing up, common citizens, don't let the lies printed, and broadcast by the one-sided media deter us from being heard. Never stop, don't surrender. Keep up the good fight. Take America Back..................GSM

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