Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama's Rose

....By any other name, it is still a Rose

Everytime I read about Pres Obama's position on the issues he considers critical, the same thoughts keep coming to mind, he is extremely flexible regarding what the final format of the legislation he desires is, and is really only concerned that SOMETHING be done. Does that ring an alarm to anyone else? He knows that if he can get something onto 'the books', it, whatever is passed, will be added on to, and expanded eventually (incrementalism, is here).

Take Medicare, initially a plan for 2 to 3 billion dollars, back when (1960's), and now 300 to 400 billion dollar expenditure, filled with fraud, and corruption. With NO plan for oversight, or review in the offing.

When he, Obama, changes his perspective on the "Public" Plan for our ObamaCare, he really didn't close that 'Public' part completely, he just postponed the implementation of this ' Public' part of the program, for the time being. He still wants a co-op, what is that? What does that mean? It surely isn't gonna be like a farmer's co-op. Government is still gonna be right in the middle of this, he's, Barack, just playing a game of semantics, trying to reduce the Publicity from the Town Hall Meetings. He's not backing off from what was originally espoused aka "spread the wealth'. He told that to Joe the Plumber, during the campaign, though it was so casually swept under the carpet by most in the reporting of the incident, at the time (and, totally forgotten, now).

Remember what Pres Obama has said, and it is rarely stated publicly, about reparations, he really doesn't favor that type of program, reparations. Why does he not want them? If you are familiar with the term, paying the descendants of slavery money because their ancestors were slaves. He, Barak doesn't like reparations, because "they don't go far enough". He wants more than just monetary paybacks.

Look there was a time that slavery did exist, and it was wrong. No Doubt. But let's not take our historical PAST, and force people who had nothing to do with that terrible time, and force the taxpayers of today to compensate slavery's descendants, for this past event, that these taxpayers had nothing to do with. I do feel, that if there is out there anybody that was a slave, then yes, he/she must be compensated. Further if there is anybody out there that was a slave owner, he/she should be held accountable for that deed; however, No one that wasn't a slave should be compensated, at the expense of someone else, that didn't own slaves.

Yet, our President wants some sort of compensation, for the descendants of slaves, and in his mind reparations doesn't go far enough, at what point do we the citizens of the is country realize that ALL the programs Mr Obama is creating, goes directly to this perspective of the low-level of compensation from reparations, and toward his plan of higher repayment, compensation, for that terrible historical practice.

Was it Alexis de Tocqueville(sp), that said ( I roughly paraphrase his eloquence, thusly) ...when the citizens of this noble experiment (USA) realize that they can get something for nothing, and the elected officials realize that they can buy votes at the expense of the taxpaying masses, then this experiment will fail...

Doesn't take a brain-surgeon to see this writing on the walls of Washington DC (District of Corruption) Government Office Buildings? Isn't this what "spread the wealth" is? As a brief aside, has there been in recent history any elected legislator, of more than one term, that left office poorer than when he/she came into office?

Public Option, or Co-op, it is still a Rose......What is a name?????

To paraphrase a familiar quote, from a well-known, no longer published Patriot,
'we have met the enemy, and he is us...' Pogo.

Wise words, not heeded, appropriate to now,
PRAY For our Country....GSM

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