Friday, September 18, 2009


Hearing the news, and the voices of pundits, Curiosity, and inquiries perculate inside.....

Wonder why Hilliary supports ObamaCare so adamantly? How similar is his program to her proposals that were so badly received 15 years ago?

Wonder why the number of uninsured is reported in such a wide range? from 45million, to 10million? or, why no ILLEGAL immigrants will be covered by Obama's Government Program? The implementation of ObamaCare won't be until 2013, plenty of time to Legalize all those ILLEGALS, which is his plan, so no mention of them not being included/excluded is necessary, in the HealthCare Bill, don't trust me, read his words......

Wonder why it took 2 twenty-something year old to expose ACORN, and finally get the ear of our elected officials? Acorn, the name will disappear, and become something else, one of the multitude of names affiliated with it, like SEIU? SEE NO EVIL,SEE NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL, the current philosophy of Elected officials. They only cover their ass.......

or Why the Dept of Justice(without Prez Obama's approval, oh come on!!!) is investigating the CIA?Creating cash-for-clunkers; cash for appliances? Cap and Trade, the BAILOUTS, the Stimulus Program? All in such a hurry? Why the rush?

Then please take the time to read this. All the Czars, and unvetted officials, who are paid by our tax dollar, are in one way or another affiliated with multiple 60's and 70's radical groups, SDS, WeatherUnderground, to name a couple. and their plan is, has been, and will be to "change" the way this country does business. What ever name it is finally called, there will be more Government, less capitalism, and much higher taxes, hidden in programs as "fees". just watch this is a 'smoke screen', designed to keep your eye 'off the ball', it is doing its job, a slight of hand masterpiece, and we are not even looking in the right direction... No don't watch, take the time, make the effort, and learn what is happening here. Did the bad economic news earlier this year justify the take-over of of the automobile industry, the banking business, and the reduction of competition within the investment community? Lehman Bros disappeared, Goldman Sachs remains, where are all the new Government officials coming from? Goldman Sachs!! hummm, just a coincidence? NOT. Why did AIG get backing? they were the major investor/insurance company for the Dem, and US Gov't. Merrill Lynch?, now a part of Bank of America? there was some coercion it, if you dare. Who is going to to profit from Cap and Trade? beside the 'inventor of the Internet'.......

Wonder why so little is said about how current Doctors react to the new Health Programs? Not only will millions additionally, that will need to have access to Doctors services, overcrowding the offices, and decreasing the fees given to the physicians, the doctors also at a rate of 45% polled,are going to quit, if the ObamaCare is implemented, . Wonder what the consequences of their departure is?

How much further will this nationalization of our economy go? What will be next? our soft drinks, Coke, Pepsi, and the like? yup? As the government takes over more of our economy, the reward for inventions, new ideas, modernization, and innovation will go away, the Great American Idea Engine will be destroyed, then new business will go, then new jobs, and as the economic engine is stumbling, the Government needs more dollars, thus more tax, this vicious cycle will, can only lead to one thing. and it will hurt us all..........

One World Government, One World Currency, and One World Leadership. Then, the individual will disappear, in favor of Mankind, in general. Are you excited yet?

How about Iran, which recently launched a satellite, heard that anywhere yet? NO? wonder why!!Now has Nuclear bomb capability. Why is this important? Ballistic missile capability make their nuclear capability a long range strike ability, like to Europe, and Obama goes and stops antimissile technology being placed in Poland, and Chekoslovakia, (PUTIN, loves this decision, wonder why)

We are setting on a Huge, Obama-ination.....and we, elected him...Are you happy with the change?YET?

God Bless Us, OPEN OUR EYES......SELAH...............GSM

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barak Obama's Indoctrination/Implementation

Get used to it, He loves to talk. The adage, 'Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy beer' is very appropriate to Him. Him is President Obama. He is like the EverReady Bunny, going, going, but in his case, he will soon be gone, and in his dust, he will have disrupted, and damaged, this country, and the economy, to almost historic levels. Just remember this IS his plan, break the system, something then has to replace what he broke, and what he wants to replace it with, is what we can't fathom, we don't see, and most aren't willing to look for.....

(Czars, 33 and counting)

So, like he's told you, he doesn't think reparations go far enough, he's told you that the Stimulus, Cap and Trade, and ObamaHealthCare, the GOVERNMENT plan, not the politically correct named... PublicPlan... which are one and the same, people. HIS PLAN is to put US in debt to China for trillions. He is NOT interested in these figures, only the result.... USA's demise.

What we need to advocate, in HealthCare REFORM:

-Reduce law suits, and the amount of liability these suits can bring, TORT REFORM!!!

-Make all Health insurance carriers' policies available to every state, not bought from only a select, state approved, few, in each state, you know, competition, I've railed about the intentional reduction of this philosophy, in the past entries.

-Promote free enterprise, not Government-Growth (this ObamaCare Power-Grab), what has the Government ever done right (Read Social Security, almost broke; Read Medicaid, and Medicare, almost broke, and mismanaged,; Read Fannie-Mae, and Freddie Mac, mis-managed, and corrupted by political cronyism; read the US Postal Service, almost run out of business by more efficient, better organized PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, the list goes on..)? Even the military, Especially under Obama, has been a travesty. The Overseas Contingency Operation, was known as the WAR on TERROR, has been dismal, and Gitmo's closing, the prisoner placement, has been a joke. He, Obama, is not capable of generating a plan, implementing a plan, and winning a WAR, or keeping the Peace. He is so interested in appeasement of his constituents, that there will be nothing left of this ' the Noble Experiment', when he is finally voted out of office, in disgrace. {only three more years, how much damage can He do in that period?}

-Some tax credits for individuals to purchase Health Policies, if they want to, not a mandate for every citizen to own some.

In a Capitalist System, competition generates better pricing, better service, and more innovation. HE HAS YET TO LEARN THESE BASIC PRINCIPLES, AND BASED ON THE FURROWS NOW APPEARING ON HIS BROW, NEVER WILL......

When the Government (public) program is implemented, Insurance companies will be dropped by employers, in favor of the Government's Plan, He doesn't tell you that, does he. This is a less costly way for the employer to provide the healthcare benefit, and will be readily accepted by employers to cut costs, and Government Oversight, to the detriment of Insurance Companies. When the insurance companies don't have enrollees, they will shut down, leaving just the Government program, too many claimants, and not enough Doctors, what happens, THEN?

SO What does happen then? Where do the sick go for care? Where are all the Doctors going to be? Why is this the direction OUR Government wants to take us? WHO in their right mind wants this kind of program? Restrictions, Regulations, and Ques? Who benefits, and at what cost? Who will gain, and who will not?

Obama is Right about one thing, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.........

The change is less Washington DC, and More pull up YOUR OWN BOOTSTRAPS, and
"Let's Roll"


It is time to R.A.I.N. on their parade.

Remove All Incumbents Now!!!!!!!

Pray For the USA
God Help Us.......................GSM

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A 'BHO' Break

It is better to have laughed, during the Hard Times, then to take all the Bad News to Heart


From the Heart, to those who can:

- A Day without sunshine............ is like night
-On the other have different fingers
-42.7 percent of statistics..... are made up on the spot.......
-99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name
-Remember, half the people you know are below average
-He who laughs last.... is the slowest
-Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm
-The early bird may get the worm,; but, the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap
-Support Bacteria,..........Its the only culture some people have
-A clear conscience is a sign of a bad memory
-Change is inevitable, except for from vending machines....
-If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments
-How many believe in Psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand!
-Ok, so what is the speed of Dark?
-When everything is coming your way, You're in the wrong!!!!
-Hard Work pays off in the future, Laziness pays off now
-How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?
-Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
-What happens if you get 'Scared Half To Death', TWICE??
-Why do Psychics, ask your name?
-Inside every older person, is a younger person asking 'what the heck happened?'
-Just remember, if the World didn't suck, we would fall off
-Light travels faster than sound, that is why people appear bright until you hear them speak
-Life isn't 'like a box of chocolates' It's more like jalapenos, what you do today, might burn your butt tomorrow.


PRAY FOR PEACE IN ISRAEL, and for OUR country.

These proposed changes can only happen, if we sit on our Butts......PASS IT ON

RAIN on those who think they REIGN..SELAH...GSM