Friday, August 28, 2009

August Musings on Obama

Our President has figured a way to say one thing, and actively do another. What does this type of maneuver mean to US, the citizens of America?

Well, lets talk about the incidents/policies I'm referring to first, and then what it bodes for us.

First, during the election, how easy was it for this man to throw his 20 year pastor, under the bus, and his grandmother, who raised him, right under there with the pastor? Pretty hard/cold/calculating, person has to be in this person to do this so easily. His preacher taught 'African Liberation Theology', I hope anyone who reads this, knows what that is, by now. To what means, these alterations in his circle, affects his direction, should be a question on everyone's mind.....
Next, The CIA is under investigation, and in so doing the entire Bush Administration, too, for the handling of terrorists, and learning their secrets. These guys, terrorists, declared war on us, and we are gonna now hold their hands, let em out of GITMO? Read them Miranda Rights? and get them released from jail?? Since When does a subsequent administration review, judge, and PUNISH, by investigating, a previous administration? rather than just change a policy? Has this happened before? and, why now? What is to be gained? Why demonize the past? and why a 180 degree turn on Islam? '"don't blame me, point fingers"
Maybe this, by re-emphasizing the manner in which we commemorate 9/11, now (per PrezBHO) as a day of service, rather than a day to Commemorate the loss, like we remember Pearl Harbor, or the Alamo, or the Maine, we will no longer consider the muslim Religion as the terrorists, that they are; but, remember what Rodney King said, "can't we just all get along?". I think there is a clue in this. {Did you know that the GREEN JOBS CZAR, a Mr Van Jones, was arrested for rioting during the Rodney King Riots in Los Angeles, and came out of jail as an avowed Communist?}
The ObamaCare legislation is losing support, going backward, is this the time to put Teddy Kennedy's name on the bill, like Prez Johnson did with Civil Rights Bill, after JFK's assassination, and got it passed thru by saying it was what he wanted???How many of these 'slight of hand' machinations is he, BHO, gonna throw at us before we wise up, and see the light?
We change the name from the War on Terror, to the Overseas Contingency Operations, we remove the CIA, THE CIA!!! from terrorist investigation, and interrogation, and now we learn the the White House will interrogate Osama Bin Laden, if he is captured! The Census bureau won't run the census, Acorn (through the White House) will, what's next? When will our eyes see, our ears hear? The 'grassroots' uprising against ObamaHealthCare, is tagged as artificial, mob-like, the hand written posters are fake, and the whole TeaParty and questioning of policy, is labelled as organized, not real, and not indicative of the peoples' perspective. BUT, the 'fresh-off-the-printer' placards declaring a favourable perspective toward GovernmentCare, toted by SEIU, Acorn, AFL-CIO, are truly Americans speaking, bussed in, but American.......WHAT? are we just gonna sit back and accept this? Is the Written Media, and Broadcast TV News just gonna fall in place, lock-step, behind this guy? {Did anyone see the MSNBC story about guns being brought to the local town halls, recently? You had to see how it was reported that ANGRY WHITE MEN were bringing semiautomatic rifles to these functions, you had to at least see the pictures they broadcast showing the guns. you did, didn't you? They cut part of the film, right after seeing the guns, panned up, and before video showed the gun carriers head, went back to the studio to hear one of the 'talking heads' say, "Gun Carrying White Guys......." , that part of the news clip/video that was cut, as the camera panned up, revealed a BLACK man's head, heaven forbid, don't tell us the truth,!!! What is going on here? Does this Matter? Who Cares? WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, the fix is in!!!!Cronies and the TeaPot Dome. David Immelt as a Commissioner on the FED, .....HUH...??
Finally, who are these Czars, and what are they doing whispering into BHO's ear. Who is this new FCC DIVERSITY CZAR, don't call him Czar(per BHO Administration), Federal Communications Commission? Not only who? but why? Where did he come from? What Diversity is need at the FCC? Diversity, the root word for this is divide, like divide and conquer, what is this all about? Who is this guy, Mark Lloyd, where did he come from? What are his politics? He claims his job is to create Diversity, Competition, and Localism. The Diversity Committee of the FCC is comprised of 31 groups, none conservative, what direction will their directives go? or this one, they want to tax broadcasters at a level that is 100% of their, the broadcasters, operating costs? How can you do that? There is no money for the company, they will fail, and the Government will have control. Did you Know Lloyd is in FAVOUR of Hugo Chavez' shut down in Venezuela, of Independent broadcasters, as they got in the Government's way? HELLO?
Why don't our legislators read these bills they are ramming down our throats at break-neck speed? They don't write them, who does? or, read them, ask John Conyers? How can Bill after Bill come before Congress that are so long? thousand plus pages? and none of our legislators have read them, or know what's in them?? Where do they come from? Is there a thought in you on this? If Congress isn't reading them, or writing them, or reviewing them, who is? is this plausible deniability? FOR OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS? I thought they were there to vote on legislation, on our behalf, not for the government's.....
There are so many questions, is it time to ask the tough questions, time to care, time to find answers, and time to be heard? Not after these pending changes take place, it will be too late then........

-WHAT IS THIS CIVILIAN ARMY? BHO spoke about during the campaign, that will be of equal size, and scope as our Military?( anything like the Hitler Youth,, the Brown Shirts?, that became the backbone of Nazisms?)
- WHO IS CASS SUSSTEIN? or, EZEKIEL EMMANUAL?, or JOHN HOLDREN? or, CAROL BROWNER? Don't we deserve to know? don't we need to know their politics? where they came from? and why the media isn't telling us who they are? (they are more Czars)

-WHY IS UNEMPLOYMENT AT 16% from some agencies, and 8.5% from BHO?


Can't read the bill if it is being pushed through. The stimulus bill has multiple pages of non-economic-stimulating expenditures in it. who knew, who read the bill, it passed so fast, we are just NOW learning the scope of it!!!!!!!! Cap and Trade, what is in there? What form will the final ObamaCare Bill Take?


Enuff for now. Time to re-load. The fun part of this is, there is so much ammunition. So much secrecy. so much anti-American intrigue. Hopefully more that only me, the GSM, is looking!! What DO YOU HEAR? THINK? ARE WE ON THE RIGHT PATH? LET ME HEAR FROM YOU AT:

God Bless This, the Lord's Gift, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, and may we, the citizens, of this gift have the fortitude to stand up for all the liberties we have been granted us because of it.................Pray for the USA.........GSM

Monday, August 24, 2009

Barack's Obama-Nation

Want to Know what the President reads?

This book is Called" the Post American World"
written by a "fellow muslin"...Fareed Zakara.

America educated author, hints that we, the USA, are declining, as much as Mega-giant economies India, and China, are going to surpass US in growth.

If we accept the status quo, we will continue the fall. The status quo is More taxes, More government control, More redistribution of wealth, and More cradle to grave regulations, that manipulates the people, our lives, and our economic direction; and, less Equal taxation, Equal representation, and more unEqual Legislation.

Our Fore-Fathers fought over ''Taxation without Representation'' , shouldn't we fight over "Legislation without Representation"?

What is the government doing? The Residential Renovation Act, from the Jimmy Carter era, in the 1970s, eventually required financial institutions to loan to individuals that COULD NOT PAY THE LOANS BACK (eliminated Red Lining, the practice of not loaning into areas, and to people, that were high risk)!!! To what result? The banks, and other financial institutions are now owned somewhat, due to the "Stimulus" and the 'Bailout" packages. This is incrementalism, I mention this word often. These low quality loans, were bundled into securities, and sold at more dollars than they had in value , ahhhh, the result is what we have now, deflation of property values, lots of foreclosures, and high unemployment. When there is no basis for valuations, this is the result, are you enjoying this Government infringement on your life, yet? Wait, it is gonna get better, if you do!!!!

THROW ENOUGH BAD STUFF ONTO OUR ECONOMIC BACK, and IT WILL BREAK..HealthCare, ReDistribution of Wealth, Stimulus I, Stimulus II, Cap and Trade, just to mention SOME of what is being pushed on us, and all unfunded.

We are on the same Slippery Slope when it comes to HealthCare, aka ObamaCare. Loss of choice, this principal, choice, Democrat support is only good when it is about abortion, the Constitutionally recognized Principle is lost in ALL other categories, like Health Insurance, Banking/ Investment, and whether Auto Industry should fail. (Speaking of the Auto Industry, how does a Union gain any ownership over these companies, when it is OUR Tax Dollar, that is Bailing the out? Unions are a small percentage of the population, but, they are a large percentage of the Campaign Contributions that Democrats get..Hmmmmmmm!!!)

Does anyone out there know where all these future Doctors are going to come from if we enact this HealthCare reform, and allow Government to control our HealthSystem? Do you thing Doctors will be attending Medical School for the Love of Humanity at the levels they do now? Money, and Earnings are critical in their thinking, yes they care, about people, but also money, and retirement enter into the equation. I think not only are there going to be fewer Doctors, and more patients, 45Million, according to the Government, the lines will grow exponentially, and the young, and the old will be restricted on what coverage they will be allowed to have, based on Rahm, and Ezekiel Emmanuel's philosophy (OBAMA Advisors, on ALL things Political) called Quality Adjusted Remaining Years, that sounds really invasive, doesn't it? Check it out.......

This Administration, is well adept at 'slight-of-hand' actions, pointing out one issue, while doing something else. Floating Trial Balloons, and pulling them back. Am I the only one amazed at how fast the media got tired of the Town Hall Meeting outrage, while they shove this issue/outrage onto the back burner?

Time to stay focused, or some big Legislation will be passed, late on a Friday Nite, while we were sleeping, like most of the recent salary increases, recently. Stand Up Americans, Stand up and Reign in the scoundrels.

Remove all Incumbents Now=R.A.I.N

post America............ the world after America..............

Pray For Our Beloved Country
Dear God, What have We done?

nuff said.............GSM

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our Foundation

The good Lord inspired me this morning, I have to give credit, where credit is due, to do a little research on our Country, our Founding Fathers, and our Freedom. Where did these incredible men find their inspiration? What motivated them to create this Republic, and, yes, it was founded as a Republic (Legislators have aborted this term, and now refer to this Country as a Democracy, that wasn't the original intent) In parenthesis I put 'original Intent', because we now have law-makers, that exclude this phrase from consideration for our Congress-Approved Justices, a major reason why we are on the decline today, this concept of Judicial Activism, I digress. The following is the FIRST PRAYER delivered to our Congress

The first prayer in Congress

September 7th, 1774
Jacob Duche
Carpenters Hall, Philadelphia

"Lord our Heavenly Father, High and Mighty King of kings, and Lord of lords, who dost from thy throne behold all the dwellers on earth and reignest with power supreme and uncontrolled over all the Kingdoms, Empires and Governments; look down in mercy, we beseech thee, on these our American States, who have fled to thee from the rod of the oppressor and thrown themselves on Thy gracious protection, desiring to be henceforth dependent on Thee, to Thee have they appealed for the righteousness of their cause; to Thee do they now look up for that countenance and support, which Thou alone canst give; take them, therefore, Heavenly Father, under Thy nurturing care; give them wisdom in Council and valor in the field; defeat the malicious designs of our cruel adversaries; convince them of the unrighteousness of their Cause and if they persist in their sanguinary purposes, of own unerring justice, sounding in their hearts, constrain them to drop the weapons of war from their unnerved hands in the day of battle! Be Thou present, O God of wisdom, and direct the councils of this honorable assembly; enable them to settle things on the best and surest foundation. That the scene of blood may be speedily closed; that order, harmony and peace may be effectually restored, and truth and justice, religion and piety, prevail and flourish amongst Thy people. Preserve the health of their bodies and vigor of their minds; shower down on them and the millions they here represent, such temporal blessings as Thou seest expedient for them in this world and crown them with everlasting glory in the world to come. all this we ask In the Name and through the merits of Jesus Christ, Thy Son and our Savior."

I attached this from the perspective of one of the early religious leaders from that time of great trepidation, and consternation. We forget the fear these early founders MUST have felt as they challenged the greatest Military establishment on this planet, Great Britain. By demonstrating, against the King's rulings, the net result were so many incidents, The Boston Massacre, where civilians were killed by the British Soldiers, and The Boston Tea Party, where Patriots stood against Royal Tyranny by dressing as Indians, and throwing a ship's Cargo of tea into the harbor, the tax they were so outraged about was only about 5%, of the price. But, it wasn't just the amount, it was the principle 'taxation without Representation', that is the basis for their revolt.

We stand here now, at the same crossroads, a time that makes men's knees tremble, their stomachs quake, we see and hear the same type of rhetoric,

Rep Eric Massa from New York, said this recently,....
.... the voice of the people be damned, (I take some liberties with his exact words, thus, there are no quotation marks) if I (Masses)feel, that the Public Plan for National Health Care (ObamaCare) is for their (the PEOPLE) betterment, I will vote that way, regardless of how loudly the people protest, and reject this plan.....

A remanifestation of the 'Taxation without Representation' phrase, probably better stated as 'Legislation without Representation', because the version of the House Bill HR3200 that I have seen [sec441, pg203, lines 14-15], states: the tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as a tax.

I wander back, now, to where God's will is a part of the Founding Fathers basis of belief. Here is a prayer, handwritten by George Washington, that addresses the continually re-iterated position that he was NOT a Christian; but, that he was a believer (a theist) in some sort of Higher Power, not of God, or of the Bible:

“ O Most Glorious God, in Jesus Christ, my merciful and loving Father; I acknowledge and confess my guilt in the weak and imperfect performance of the duties of this day. I have called on Thee for pardon and forgiveness of my sins, but so coldly and carelessly that my prayers are become my sin, and they stand in need of pardon.”
“ I have sinned against heaven and before Thee in thought, word, and deed. I have contemned Thy majesty and holy laws. I have likewise sinned by omitting what I ought to have done and committing what I ought not. I have rebelled against the light, despising Thy mercies and judgment, and broken my vows and promise. I have neglected the better things. My iniquities are multiplied and my sins are very great. I confess them, O Lord, with shame and sorrow, detestation and loathing and desire to be vile in my own eyes as I have rendered myself vile in Thine. I humbly beseech Thee to be merciful to me in the free pardon of my sins for the sake of Thy dear Son and only Savior Jesus Christ who came to call not the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Thou gavest Thy Son to die for me.”
[George Washington; from a 24 page authentic handwritten manuscript book dated April 21-23, 1752
William J. Johnson George Washington, the Christian (New York: The Abingdon Press, New York & Cincinnati, 1919), pp. 24-35.]

or from his adopted daughter's words, describing his credo, or motto, he lived by:

Nelly Custis-Lewis (Washington’s adopted daughter):
Is it necessary that any one should [ask], “Did General Washington avow himself to be a believer in Christianity?" As well may we question his patriotism, his heroic devotion to his country. His mottos were, "Deeds, not Words"; and, "For God and my Country."

Note in both cases I show sources, I feel that credit should be given for these words, to flank the nay-sayers. These are directly attributed to these documents, and should not, cannot, be discredited. Also, please note that both were written/transposed BEFORE the Declaration of Independence, I use these specifically because they show the foundation of believe, for this Country,and for the society at that time, prior to the Revolution was in the Bible, In Jesus, and in our God, the Lord of lords. We Cannot forsake our God, our Savior, as They ARE the source of strength for our Fathers. I will continue this dissertation on subsequent entries. We must hold fast to our principles, and to our Founders Faith, and Not wander away from THEIR truths, WHICH ARE HIS TRUTHS,.......SELAH, AMEN...............GSM

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Obama's Rose

....By any other name, it is still a Rose

Everytime I read about Pres Obama's position on the issues he considers critical, the same thoughts keep coming to mind, he is extremely flexible regarding what the final format of the legislation he desires is, and is really only concerned that SOMETHING be done. Does that ring an alarm to anyone else? He knows that if he can get something onto 'the books', it, whatever is passed, will be added on to, and expanded eventually (incrementalism, is here).

Take Medicare, initially a plan for 2 to 3 billion dollars, back when (1960's), and now 300 to 400 billion dollar expenditure, filled with fraud, and corruption. With NO plan for oversight, or review in the offing.

When he, Obama, changes his perspective on the "Public" Plan for our ObamaCare, he really didn't close that 'Public' part completely, he just postponed the implementation of this ' Public' part of the program, for the time being. He still wants a co-op, what is that? What does that mean? It surely isn't gonna be like a farmer's co-op. Government is still gonna be right in the middle of this, he's, Barack, just playing a game of semantics, trying to reduce the Publicity from the Town Hall Meetings. He's not backing off from what was originally espoused aka "spread the wealth'. He told that to Joe the Plumber, during the campaign, though it was so casually swept under the carpet by most in the reporting of the incident, at the time (and, totally forgotten, now).

Remember what Pres Obama has said, and it is rarely stated publicly, about reparations, he really doesn't favor that type of program, reparations. Why does he not want them? If you are familiar with the term, paying the descendants of slavery money because their ancestors were slaves. He, Barak doesn't like reparations, because "they don't go far enough". He wants more than just monetary paybacks.

Look there was a time that slavery did exist, and it was wrong. No Doubt. But let's not take our historical PAST, and force people who had nothing to do with that terrible time, and force the taxpayers of today to compensate slavery's descendants, for this past event, that these taxpayers had nothing to do with. I do feel, that if there is out there anybody that was a slave, then yes, he/she must be compensated. Further if there is anybody out there that was a slave owner, he/she should be held accountable for that deed; however, No one that wasn't a slave should be compensated, at the expense of someone else, that didn't own slaves.

Yet, our President wants some sort of compensation, for the descendants of slaves, and in his mind reparations doesn't go far enough, at what point do we the citizens of the is country realize that ALL the programs Mr Obama is creating, goes directly to this perspective of the low-level of compensation from reparations, and toward his plan of higher repayment, compensation, for that terrible historical practice.

Was it Alexis de Tocqueville(sp), that said ( I roughly paraphrase his eloquence, thusly) ...when the citizens of this noble experiment (USA) realize that they can get something for nothing, and the elected officials realize that they can buy votes at the expense of the taxpaying masses, then this experiment will fail...

Doesn't take a brain-surgeon to see this writing on the walls of Washington DC (District of Corruption) Government Office Buildings? Isn't this what "spread the wealth" is? As a brief aside, has there been in recent history any elected legislator, of more than one term, that left office poorer than when he/she came into office?

Public Option, or Co-op, it is still a Rose......What is a name?????

To paraphrase a familiar quote, from a well-known, no longer published Patriot,
'we have met the enemy, and he is us...' Pogo.

Wise words, not heeded, appropriate to now,
PRAY For our Country....GSM

Friday, August 14, 2009

Stay Focused

Here we go, now the Media is trying to change the focus of the ObamaCare HealthCare debate. We must keep the attention on the facts/issues, not the Town Hall Meetings. The press is going to do everything it can now to stop US from seeing the issues, the Bill itself and the CONTENT of the HR3200 Resolution/Bill, and make the emphasis on who is showing up to theses Town Halls, who the organizers are, not what they are protesting.

Watch, Acorn, SEIU, and busloads of 'protesters are going to show up to dispute, and literally overcome the true "grassroot" assemblies, and the loud, but not riotous discussions regarding the grassroot-assemblers' HealthCare concerns. This is a critical time, Obama is GREAT at this 'distractions, he made sure the media was focused on Rush Limbaugh, and suddenly there was a Cap and Trade bill that got thru one of the houses of congress. He got us to watch the Sottomayor hearings, and there was an Omnibus Spending Bill, keep your eyes on the prize. Keep focus on what IS the issue, the content of this legislation. Don't be diverted by the statement that nothing has been passed, or there is no bill, The information out there, listed on several Internet sites, like,, lists pages of critiques on the Bill. Something exists, there is a lineage of information that has at least passed some of the committees, if there wasn't, there could be no discussions. More importantly, the Senate couldn't have "withdrawn" the sections that former Alaska Govenor Palin called 'Death Panels', that was reported yesterday, if these didn't exist. Don't be fooled by rhetoric, like these 'Death Panel' sections refer to Hospice Care. THAT IS NOT WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THESE "NON_EXISTING" Sections, IE like Section 117 states Gov't can RESTRICT enrollment of Special Needs people, what does that mean? or take a look at these sections: 1233 pg 429, lines 1-9, regarding END of LIFE?. How can these be cited, if SOMETHING, in writing, doesn't exist??

This is a crucial time, stay on course, keep the issues first, don't be deterred,,or distracted, don't let our MAJORITY LEADERS change the subject..........It is our game, and our time to serve. Stay focus, be vigilant, America, and Keep Standing Up............GOD BLESS AMERICA and HER PEOPLE!!!.......GSM

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama, Government, Out-of-Touch

Ahhhhh, it's Wednesday, middle of the week, another opportunity to see the latest outrages from our elected officials, in response to the public outcry from their constituents' expressing their feelings. Americans have finally come to the realization that their Representatives (and Senators) in Washington (District of Corruption) DC, have been perpetuating fraud on we, da-masses, for many years.

Sen Dodd, got a sweetheart deal on his mortgage(he DID get a hand-slap from the Senate ethics committee); Sen Rangel got no oversight on his taxes, he is in charge of Senate Tax committee, and claims he didn't know the rules on the taxes required to be paid on his off-shore property. Kinda like Rep Conyers, not having the time, aka, inclination?, to read the HealthCare bill, and if his 2 lawyers read the bill, they couldn't explain it to him anyway, "so why read it?'.

Of Course, Rep Waxman (he CHAIRS one of the Sub Committees that passed part of this HR3200, atrocity), said there is no way, they, the Congress, will have to join this HealthCare program, because the option is there to go with any Sector program. If you created it, sir, shouldn't you be required to be a participant? After all, your Bill DOES include fining companies, and individuals, who won't join it, within a predetermined time period.

Did you see the one Legislator say that abortion funding is not in the bill? Did you know that if there is no mention in the bill, excluding or limiting it, that the assumption, (is this a joke?) is that there won't be any limits to the procedure? Please someone out there prove me wrong!! Any Takers?

**My Favorite Section, and how our beloved Legislators address it is:
SECTION 441, PAGE 203, LINES 14-15 "The tax imposed under this section shall NOT be treated as a tax". HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU HEARD THERE IS NO TAX INCREASES IN THIS. NO TAXES BECAUSE IT ISN'T REFERRED TO AS A TAX, WHAT IS IT???????HELLO???

What Have We Done? Lady Justice is blind, so are we...

As we learn more about the Bill, shouldn't we care, at least to the same extent, that we care about our favorite Pro or College Football team?, shouldn't we be more passionate about what we have learned? Shouldn't be at least as boisterous, without being labelled, 'Artificial Turf', or 'a MOB' by our elected Representatives in Washington? as we are for our favorite "TEAM"? Shouldn't we be HEARD, and responded to,honestly, and compassionately? Doesn't this apply to locally,state, and local government, as well?

I sent a letter off to Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida regarding the resignation of Mel Martinez, the quiet Republican quitter (who stayed in long enough to vote for his Latina Comrade Sottomayor, I'm sure this time-frame had nothing to do with him being Latino), from the US Senate, and how we need some short-term fill-in with a BIG MOUTH to fill the remaining term. Get This, I got a FORM-LETTER response about how Gov Crist is a supporter of the Stimulus package, a form letter, not a word about what the subject line was, or about the Senator who quit. Man, the problem permeates every aspect of our Government, Local, State, and Federal. It really is time for a changing of the "old-guard', and the old way of governing.

When does America wake up? Start to REIGN on Their Parade.
RAIN= Remove All Incumbents NOW.

I need some bumper Stickers, I need to find some readers.......................
Oh well, Incrementalism takes more than one day....GSM

Friday, August 7, 2009

Obama's Stimulus

This spending package, passed by our Congress to stimulate the economy has now been 10% spent. That means 720 BILLION dollars, is still waiting disbursement. Maybe, after seeing all the positive results, as an example, 550,000 more unemployed this week, it is time to throw this plan out.

Did you know, that if you take this 800Billion dollar stimulus plan, and divide it among the 15million documented unemployed workers, that there would be 53,000 dollars going to each one who is unemployed. Do you think that the amount would stimulate the economy, start some small business, save some homes from foreclosure, etc, etc,?

Why are we letting these elected officials create these farces? Why are we giving billions to a 'cash for clunkers' program, haven't the taxpayer already given enough to the banking and automobile industries? Where has all this money gone? , and when will we begin to 'RAIN' on these elected officials (REMOVE ALL INCUMBENTS NOW).

Keep standing up, common citizens, don't let the lies printed, and broadcast by the one-sided media deter us from being heard. Never stop, don't surrender. Keep up the good fight. Take America Back..................GSM

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's "fishy" Obama?

I shake my head in dis-belief, again, over the direction the "progressives" are taking this NOBEL EXPERIMENT (for so many of you, that is a reference to this Country, and it's Government). Now, the White House wants us to tattle-tale on free speech ponderings. Don't think anymore America, or your 'friends' will report you, and an 'enemies list' will be generated, with your name on it. But, actually worse.......cuz we don't know what this group will do with this list of names; thus, anything is possible.

Then, as reported by the Majority Party in Congress, the 'Republican Mob', has infiltrated all the Town Hall Meetings, to get their pictures on YouTube, and destroy what this new Health Reform Program is going to do FOR us (just who is this, "us")...............

Where is the OUTRAGE over ACORN, SEIU, UAW, perks/benefits, gained (see Below) thru their organized protests (on behalf of our Prez) against AIG, Bank of America, and the rest, that were so widely reported, during the "bailout' commotion, takeover, earlier this year??? Surely their MOB actions, were not 'grass-root' assemblies, right? What with pre-printed signs, and loud rhythmic chants, these had to people right off the streets, nobody got bussed to theses assemblies, right.....?

Not 'Artificial Turf', as Sen Boxer, Sen Durbin, and whoever else, hypocritcally label the perspectives of attendees speaking-out about the Congress' HealthCare Reform plan at these ridiculed Town Hall meetings. Our Congress will use anything, including this mislabelling, as an opportunity to shut down the chance for the common man to be heard on this HealthCare System takeover, by Government. Again, I ask, what happened to the Insurance assistance concept that began this effort? How has the direction changed so dramatically? "the Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions"....

Why won't these elected officials be required to participate in this program, or for that matter why are they not enrolled in Social Security, why are they 'seperate, but equal'?

Wouldn't the costs associated with our current HealthCare System be reduced if the Trail Lawyers Association's (another Democrt Party-Affiliated Group) monetary rewards/judgements, were restricted? Or, Maybe if they had to pay for failed lawsuits, or cases that fail/or were dismissed as 'trivial' law suits????

I found some interesting info online about some of the provisions that are right now in the proposals for this new HealthCare program, passed by one committee in the house, that I want to be share:

How about these? (Remember this is HR3200):

Page 195, "Officers and employees of the Government Health Bureaucracy will have access to ALL Americans financial and Personal records" {YUP! that is exact words...}your personal business is no longer your own..........

Page 203: "The tax imposed under this section, shall not be treated as tax" It really says that. Sure does clear up the Obama statement about no new taxes required, or increases, doesn't it?

page 65, Taxpayers will subsidize all UNION RETIREE, and COMMUNITY ORGANIZER Health Plans (ACORN, UAW, SEIU) Ahhh, the rewards of Community Organizers,( and ACORN their name-this-week-shell-game....).

Page 84, All Private Health Care plans MUST participate in the HealthCare Exchange (No more private HealthCare Programs? Total Government Control)Single-payer is all the rage, now-a-daze!!!

Are you listening America? or,
-Restrictions on Special Needs, mandates of outcome based measures (read rationing).
-A 'Health Care Commissioner", and , I'll end with this one,
-A Government mandated program that orders end-of-life treatment, Government will decide how YOUR LIFE ends.

I have a lot more; but, you get the point, and there is so much other stuff in the news,(ie. N. Korea, and the Clintons.......)

WOW, are you excited yet? ready to stand in line? Give it all to Obama Care? Thank you our great and wonderful Barak, the most High!!!

I wouldn't want anybody to know where I was born either, would you?

With the DEMO-crat party, DEMO-nizing town hall meetings as not really 'of the people', better get on your phone, send emails, and get pens/paper in hand, and write/contact your elected officials in DC, the 'District of Corruption', and let them know, this won't fly. They already are telling us that they don't/won't have to listen because the sounds and pictures they see on TV, YouTube, and the rest, aren't really your voices. WAKE UP BEFORE SOMETHING WORSE HAPPENS, (why are Russian Subs cruising along the East Coast of North America?) ooooooopppps, I digress.

Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be................GSM

Monday, August 3, 2009

Out Government's Competition Distaste

Take a gander at today's' headlines, and then review the household bills, one thing becomes self-evident: There is a desire to create monopolies on the agenda of our Government agencies.. Ever wonder why? Maybe control is easier if there is only one entity to oversee.....Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Just to site a couple of examples, as there are many out there that won't/don't,or, never will, look at the news, or current events. Let's talk about phone service, land lines, I bet you didn't even think that there was only one available in your area; but , that is all that you can choose from.............How about cable, TV is marketed thru just one provider in a geographical area, so, you can't put the hammer onto your provider, to force his price down, again, another service monitored closely by the Government, in Washington. Now that really isn't the only ones you have to deal with, How many of you have a choice for who provides your area with Energy, Can you call ANY Power Company to get the required service you need? Nope, why? Ever ask yourself? Who's making all the cash here? Where is the oversight, bet there are any number of Congressional Oversight committees that regulate these services, why should there be any, if there is only one in an area to use?

So, we've talked about Cable, Power, Telephone, how about Schools, why can't there be choice there? Or better still, what is the Government plans for HealthCare? We already know Barney Frank (D-Mass) wants single payer, where everybody goes to Doctors, on somebody Else's dime (that dime, confiscated at the point of a gun). Now we get to hear about how GREAT their (Congresses), HealthCare service is. A Recent example, Sen Dodd(D-CT) has prostate cancer, I will pray for his recovery, so that the voters in CT can run him out of office(RAIN=Remove All Incumbents Now); that is beside the point, he made sure, when he announced his illness, to tell us how great his coverage is Why are We, the People, not getting the same coverage that he has, in this new 'Fast Track' bill- passing-hysteria? (Don't Forget Sen Teddy Kennedy, as if you could) I'll tell you, from my perspective, they don't want you to know what is in the bill, so the faster it is passed, the less you'll know........!!! HR 3200 (HealthCare Reform, again, not Insurance Supplement), pg 440, or thereabouts, refers to obese children, and how the Government WILL become part of that child's life, whether you like it, as a parent, or not. Monitoring intake, and forcing a change of lifestyle agenda, parent's rights' be durned, "Slippery Slope" a.k.a. incrementalism, ever heard that term before??(FYI, it is what got us to where we are today, Governmentally)

Are we paying attention? Are our elders going to find out that the hip replacement surgery, that costs $450,000 dollars, won't be available to anyone over 70 because the expected life time of that person is so short, and the cost divided by the the life-left, say 10 years, is $45,000/year. While a 50 year old, needing the same procedure, has another 30 years, so the life/cost is just $15000 yearly. You can see how they, the government, will justify denying the elderly this procedure, in this non-competitive, single payer solution, and granting others the okay.

We have so much to be thankful for with our Socialist/Democrat new-age- Government, it brings back memories of the movie 'Soylent Green', ever seen it? You should, how about ever read '1984'?, remember Winston? IT IS COMING........

Jefferson, not the TV show, but our founding father, Thomas, you know one of those rich, white, slave owners, that screwed everybody when designing this government, that we, today, so ardently are trying to destroy, said".....
"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
Thomas Jefferson
--------------------------------------and he said

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the
government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."
Thomas Jefferson
--------------------------------------also, he said

"{My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.."
Thomas Jefferson

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson

Any of these ideas ring true, to you, today??

Remember, competition results in suppliers keeping costs reduced, and offering as much service to the consumer as is possible, at the lowest price, to BUY the consumers' business. Monopolies don't need to service, or provide more product in order to compete, they have a "Captured Marketplace, so the loser is.........

Guess we are due to repeat history,(what is the difference between current events, and history?) as no one is seeing what is happening before their own eyes.......Selah.....GSM