Friday, August 14, 2009

Stay Focused

Here we go, now the Media is trying to change the focus of the ObamaCare HealthCare debate. We must keep the attention on the facts/issues, not the Town Hall Meetings. The press is going to do everything it can now to stop US from seeing the issues, the Bill itself and the CONTENT of the HR3200 Resolution/Bill, and make the emphasis on who is showing up to theses Town Halls, who the organizers are, not what they are protesting.

Watch, Acorn, SEIU, and busloads of 'protesters are going to show up to dispute, and literally overcome the true "grassroot" assemblies, and the loud, but not riotous discussions regarding the grassroot-assemblers' HealthCare concerns. This is a critical time, Obama is GREAT at this 'distractions, he made sure the media was focused on Rush Limbaugh, and suddenly there was a Cap and Trade bill that got thru one of the houses of congress. He got us to watch the Sottomayor hearings, and there was an Omnibus Spending Bill, keep your eyes on the prize. Keep focus on what IS the issue, the content of this legislation. Don't be diverted by the statement that nothing has been passed, or there is no bill, The information out there, listed on several Internet sites, like,, lists pages of critiques on the Bill. Something exists, there is a lineage of information that has at least passed some of the committees, if there wasn't, there could be no discussions. More importantly, the Senate couldn't have "withdrawn" the sections that former Alaska Govenor Palin called 'Death Panels', that was reported yesterday, if these didn't exist. Don't be fooled by rhetoric, like these 'Death Panel' sections refer to Hospice Care. THAT IS NOT WHAT IS WRITTEN IN THESE "NON_EXISTING" Sections, IE like Section 117 states Gov't can RESTRICT enrollment of Special Needs people, what does that mean? or take a look at these sections: 1233 pg 429, lines 1-9, regarding END of LIFE?. How can these be cited, if SOMETHING, in writing, doesn't exist??

This is a crucial time, stay on course, keep the issues first, don't be deterred,,or distracted, don't let our MAJORITY LEADERS change the subject..........It is our game, and our time to serve. Stay focus, be vigilant, America, and Keep Standing Up............GOD BLESS AMERICA and HER PEOPLE!!!.......GSM

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