Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do as I say..........

Wow, are there any people paying attention to the news?

Does the fact that ACORN is about to be refunded by YOUR tax dollars, effective this Saturday, the 31st, bother anybody, it does me. Or, are you bothered by the fact that the Community Renovation Act, allows the Banks to not have to loan money to unqualified borrowers, if the Banks give money to ACORN?, this is in legislation! From our Government?


I see Barack has played golf (gentleman only ladies forbidden) 24 times since he became Pres, the press got all over Bush for 6 times he played in his first term, HMMMMM

or, the multiple fund raisers he, Baraqck, has had, over 25, closer to 30, Bush had about 8, hmmmmmmm. Where is the media????

I ask people to open there eyes, ears, and their mouth, maybe their fingers, and respond. Say something, stand up for this Country, that has allowed us all the opportunity to have, and broadcast, perspectives, the freedom, the liberty, to be and do, as we deem fit, ..where are you?

The Prez, has now considered reducing the amount of troops that Gen McChristal, his appointed General in Afghanistan, in what he called the "Just War", from 40K, to 20K, The press is calling Gen McChristal Light!!Quite cute name eh?

As we abandon our Troops there, the People who Trusted us, and allow the Taliban, and Al Quida, to re-establish their grasp ( a base of operations) on this poor country, that has Poppys as a major crop income. I remember reading how the Taliban forced people to join them, by strapping one poor soul down, and made his family watch as they peeled his skin off, leaving them in shock, and the victim in tremendous pain,awaiting a mercyful death. This is what we are letting take control, if we implement 'McChrystal Light'. But, we are too busy with HealthCare, yup, too important to fund the government for 3 to 5 years so that it "looks" like there is enough money, for the ten years, that are actually 7. Hmmmm (If you read it [if you can find it], you'll understand)

WHO Cares????????

Who is Worried?

We have met the enemy, and he is us....POGO....

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