Thursday, October 15, 2009

Americans ARE talking, who is listening?

I cannot read your response/note, without answering. The problem is why fear, why be scared. And the answer is to point fingers, and blame. We can't get away from the TV, and thinking about ourselves to see what the direction our country is going, towards. Distraction from the world events, is the forte of this government, don't worry about it, we'll handle it, when we finally do "see", what are we gonna see? what is going to be left? It is the responsibility of each American Generation, to make sure the next American Generation is able to continue, we aren't doing our job, and neither are our elected officials, they ALL have to be dealt with.

The Stimulus Bill, Cap and Trade, Potential Stimulus 2, and HealthCare are going to subject your children and grandchildren to HUGE debt, that cannot be repaid. What happens then?

What is the intention? Is Business, private enterprise ALL wrong? Do individuals taint the perspective on capitalism? Where are we going with this administration?

Bush was President for 9 months, 9/11 happened, and ALL was his fault, we supported him, temporarily. Barack has had more time, gotten bigger/costlier legislation passed, and NO one has complained that his promises are not being kept.or his programs are gonna bankrupt US!!!!, and he wants to spend more, where is the money gonna come from? Remember Carter? and Ford, the misery index? Whip Inflation Now (WIN), we're gonna go back there, and it seems gladly, and knowingly.

GITMO-we're getting out of there by JUNE..HA
-Stimulus Package-If we don't pass it fast, unemployment will surpass 8%. We did, AND it has spiked, fast, now near 10%, higher else where.
-NO Drilling here, yet we give millions (billions) to Brazil to drill offshore. We have the Balkkins Reserve, and The North Slope, in Alaska, yet we are paying for oil from our enemies, funding their wars, , so they can kill us!!! still, Bush didn't do anything either. The situation is critical. yet, we won't drill here, why?
HealthCare won't raise our Debt....Just wait and watch, Government has a track record on staying on"budget". Social Security; Medicare; Medicade; FannieMae; FreddieMac ;the US Postal Service; They can't even protect our borders from illegal's (did you know that the Supreme Court decided that any law congress passes that is for the Populous (aka. masses), couldn't be kept from the people here illegally, that means he can't stop illegals from benefiting from any program he signs, so much for illegals being excluded, he DID lie, Wilson was right!!!)

Our borders are still unprotected, and we are about to send 400 patrollers away from Mexico border, to Canada border. HUH???Let's grow government, how do we pay for the only segment of our economy that is growing, Government. Union workers, all, why does SEIU, and Acorn have such pull? Tough Questions need to be asked,

Cap and Trade? who profits there? Al Gore, and his friends, we, the people, usual, "what we don't know won't hurt us.........MUCH!!!Who has control of the Carbon Credits? check it out, A privately held corporation, headed by AL GORE.......Hmmm

I don't favor either party, I'm a Conservative (In the past the Republican Party was closer to my principles, not anymore, though there are still SOME Conservatives left there) I want change for the good of America, limit Government, We can and should be self sufficient, with LESS Government interference I will not condone or sit back anymore and WAIT for some incompetent President to GUT our country. He was 'given' the Nobel peace prize, by socialists, for his socialist tendencies. Income Redistribution wont work/ look at Europe, as it moves away from that practice, and slowly recovers. we enter these socialist gates, thru these new policies, without a fight......WHY?

The American People through their consumption can get this economy moving, Government Policy, and taxes will only delay, maybe even halt our only chance to recovery. KICK US WHEN WE ARE DOWN, that is this Administration's adage. you see it regularly

He voiced support for Afgan War during the campaign, yet when HIS General requests more troops, he waffles (USSR got out of Afganistan, these Muslims don't respect or value life, TOO LONG? that is what happens as they succeed in breaking our willingness, dragging this conflict out, they win if they hold out, we don't), But put more taxes on the people on the table, and he'll rush that through. We need to open our eyes before we give the rest of our country to others, and the management of private enterprise to the government (banks, autos, healthcare, energy through cap and trade, is only the beginning..... "he's only had 9 months".... JUST THINK WHAT HE CAN DO IN 48 MONTHS) . The Auto Industry, The Banks that survived, were chosen by this administration. Government has proven one thing, they tax the HELL out of us, supposedly for our benefit, and spend it on other things, like their health care, their social security, NOT for us, Not by us, Not of us. They claim the stimulus package HAS turned it around, yet 65% of the package hasn't been spent yet, and almost NO "Shovel-Ready" projects have been started, or funded, THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF PORK.

We are running out of time to realize the Progressive agenda, that goes all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt, and is advocated by Obama, if we honestly check our history, is about to be our downfall.

I put a sign on the back window of my car, "Hey DC......WHY?"

It is time to change the game, and how it is played. I believe we should RAIN on their parade....Remove All Incumbents Now.

REIGN them in before we are all CHANGED, by a Government that doesn't honor the Constitution they swore to defend...........


While I don't watch Fox, and hate Bill O'Reilly (because he's arrogant), I don't agree with the Administration about a lot of things and trying to censor the news or leaving Fox out, to me, is wrong.
However, I refuse to let fear and hate mongering take over my way of thinking and I really do hope this administration is going in the right direction. Obama has only been in office for 10 months (or thereabouts) and we have to give him a chance. I truly believe Bush and Cheney fucked up our economy and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan has been going on too long. That is how I feel. Of course I don't expect you to agree with me but it seems like there are some positive things coming along, after all, Obama did win the Nobel Peace Prize and the whole world is looking at us differently than they used to.
I believe in America and think there is a lot of things we don't know about and never will know about. I think a lot of things we read on the internet are to scare people and sometimes we have to check the facts before we jump on the "hate Obama" wagon. Of course I hate Rush Limbaugh, too but I DO LIKE NEAL BOORTZ, and always listen to the other side, if only for a few minutes so I know what folks are thinking. I sort of like Glen Beck, too until he goes into his rants and I can see why people get scared or start to hate, so I turn it off. ----------------------------------------------

Am I the only one that remembers Hilliary's rant about disagreeing with an administration IS patriotic? Why should this Administration have the audacity to "black-ball" ANY NEWS organization? When do YOU stand up?

Inside Cover

Obama Aide: Fox News Our 'Opponent'

Monday, October 12, 2009 12:40 PM

By: John Rossomando

Fox News seems to enjoy being on the White House's enemies list.

A festering enmity between the Obama administration and the cable network boiled over Sunday when The New York Times quoted White House communications director Anita Dunn as saying of Fox: “We’re going to treat them the way we would treat an opponent.”

Fox Senior Vice President for News Michael Clemente fired back at what he called the White House’s “attack mentality.”

“Perhaps the energy would be better spent on the critical issues we are worried about,” Clemente said in a statement the network issued.

If Fox’s ratings are any clue, the administration’s attacks seem to be having the opposite of their desired effects. As of last week, the network has averaged 1.2 million viewers throughout the year, up from around 1 million viewers a year ago. This surpasses the network’s previous viewership record of 1.1 million viewers, which was set in 2003, the year the war began in Iraq.

In June, President Obama attacked Fox without mentioning it by name, saying it was devoted entirely to attacking his administration and that its coverage of his actions were all negative.

“Every time they [attack], our ratings go up,” Bill Shine, Fox’s senior vice president for programming, told the Times.

A Fox executive who declined to be identified said the attacks could solidify the network’s base. He quoted Fox Chairman Roger Ailes as having said: “Don’t pick a fight with those who like to fight.”

Paul Rittenberg, the network’s top ad executive, said, “People who watch Fox News believe it is the home team,” but Democrats don’t see it that way because of its critical coverage of the president and his political agenda.

Dunn’s comments followed press reports that Ailes had met with top Obama adviser David Axelrod for coffee in New York in what Politico called “a Fox summit.”

The White House communications director also took aim at controversial comments various Fox hosts have made against the administration.

These have included comments by immensely popular host Glenn Beck, whose 5 p.m. show has become a “cultural phenomenon,” with 3 million viewers, according to Shine.

Beck was credited with forcing the resignation of former green jobs czar Van Jones, whom he described as a “communist-anarchist radical.”

Weeks earlier, Beck came under attack from the Color of Change, a group Jones helped found, after he called the president “racist” during a Fox and Friends segment, which prompted several advertisers to pull their spots from his program.

Rittenberg, however, says the boycott has had no impact on Fox’s revenue because the advertising has been shifted to other parts of the day.

The administration also bristles about certain hosts' advocacy of the Tea Party movement.

Fox recently bolstered its Fox Business unit by hiring libertarian journalist John Stossel away from ABC, and it reportedly is trying to woo administration critic Lou Dobbs away from CNN. Dobbs met with Ailes last month over dinner, the Times reported.

“As they are undertaking a war against Barack Obama and the White House, we don’t need to pretend that is the way legitimate news agencies behave,” Dunn said.

Last month, the president appeared on all of the major networks’ Sunday talk shows except for Fox News Sunday, which the White House called an “ideological outlet.” This prompted Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace to call the administration “the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.”

Dunn dismissed Wallace’s comments as juvenile and said the administration would talk with Fox but said the White House would not "legitimize them as a news organization.”

The network defends its presentation of the news as objective during its news hours of 9 a.m.-4 p.m. and 6-8 p.m., including the anchor Shepard Smith's evening newscasts. Dunn even acknowledged that Fox reporter Major Garrett, its chief White House correspondent, is fair.

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