Thursday, November 12, 2009


The recent events in the news have just been astounding. The Fort Hood Terrorist Attack, yup, that is what it was, Terrorism. The Passing of the Democrat HealthCare Takeover, The PC (not Personal Computer) reporting (or, lack there of, reporting I mean) from our "news" media ( would fact manipulators be too harsh?) is something that has come to a peak recently.

That the one Republican Representative that voted FOR the Pelosi Takeover, was coerced by a large monetary stipend for his district, one million dollars plus, isn't this the TAXPAYERS money? is this how we expect our hard earned tax money to be used? What more was given to some of the 'blue-dogs' that voted for it, and as of yet hasn't been reported? But, the Republican, CAO, was reported, widely.

That the Fort Hood shooter, a MUSLIM, in good standing, reportedly by his own brother, a "good American", is now having the fact that he was in touch with Al Quiada, for months, maybe years, reported, and that the Feds were very much aware of it. What gives there? Is he going to be put on trial in a Civilian Court? Shouldn't he be tried in a Military Court, for High Crimes, and Treason?, to face a firing squad? Should happen!!! will it?

That under the radar, the President is going to Copenhagen, to discuss the UN Climate Control Summit, are you ready to hand over the control of this issue, climate control, in the USA, to the UN??? Hand over our Sovereignty, our Liberty, and our Tax Dollars, it has been reported as much as $3000 per family, for the UN to GIVE to other countries, TAKE THE CREDIT, not even telling the recipients that it came from the US taxpayer, and WE have to BORROW that from China, a country we built up, and it won't even sign onto this bill, nor will India, another country we built up. What is going on in DC? and why aren't we hearing about it? PC.........
Political Correctness, about the UN, the Progressives (WHO???) want the control of the WHOLE world to be at the UN. This is just the first UN-Nail in the USA coffin.....

That Fort Hood, gunman? he's a Muslim, we cannot ride that religion, he just flipped out, that religion isn't like that. All religion is alike,peaceful, not supporters of Terrorism, can't we just ALL get along?. yup, we got the Methodist Jihadists, ...the Lutheran Terror death squads,... yup we need to show (report) that Islam is a 'peaceful' religion {if the peaceful Muslims say anything bad about us (ISLAM), we'll just remove their heads, such a disgrace}. [sic]They (MUSLIMs) don't want to hurt anybody!! We DO need to understand that anything that was once Muslim, is always Muslim, wasn't Barack, once a Muslim?, Isn't that what his application to that Indonesian School says? Barry S? Remember that 17 year old Muslim girl petrified by having to go home after converting to Christianity, another 'justified-killing, for family pride?' what is that called?......HONOR KILLING? whose honor?

Then Barack wants a Stimulus Package II, have you heard? For Roads, Bridges, and creating/renovating Energy Efficient (Green, using our 'green' tax-dollars) Buildings, after the first one (stimulus) cost us $3125 per person, and HealthCare will cost us $1500 per person (at least one half a Trillion dollars, after the Medicare cuts), and Copenhagen could cost us $3000 per family, the Bush tax cuts expire, and then this, how much more can this citizenry afford?

What is the rationale? Is any of this Constitutional? Why is this happening?

Oh yeah, Sen Dodd (of Countrywide Mortgage SweetHeart Deal fame) wants unknown Billions, or Trillions, to replace the Federal Reserve, and create a new Federal bureaucracy (under whose control?), for monetary control/regulation. what? No wonder the Legislators don't want us in any military action, they can't afford to spend any money on our defense, they have to maintain, and grow, the NannyState.

Got the picture? as we become more self-centered (buy more votes), and spend more on ourselves (create more dependency), the enemies of Liberty will get stronger, leaving what, course of action? Are you seeing it yet? Does it hit home yet? Do you see the path, yet?

Get ready America, the ball is in your court, do you call your legislators and DEMAND to STOP the SPENDING? or, do you just laugh all the way to the welfare office, to pick up the Federal IOU stub, and buy your video games, and cable TV.

While YOU WERE SLEEPING, YOUR COUNTRY was SOLD DOWN the RIVER...... y'know???? selah....GSM

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