Thursday, October 8, 2009

Obama Wonderings

I've blogged about the news, rarely my opinion. I've blogged about what I've heard, rarely about remedy.

What can be done now, to fix the direction our Nation is going? or better still what direction is it going, and is the direction good or bad? These are really the questions I'd appreciate feed-back on. What is the 'mood' out there? what kind of change are we about to be subjected to? is it bad, or good, and if you have an opinion, GOOD or BAD, For Whom?

What will be the cause and effect/affect? What is next on the change agenda, and can we afford the changes we are about to be subjected to?, can we survive these changes?

Is there any concern outside of the few who read the blogs? I don't hear anyone! Do you? Lets talk about it. Need to hear the OTHER SIDE!!!

or, are we now no longer able to influence our future, are we now just the sheep, lambs being led to slaughter........

Is all that is about to happen, out of our sphere of influence? are we ready to roll over? or, or we ready to declare, 'let's roll?' where do you stand..........We gotta be heard.........Where are you?


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