Friday, July 24, 2009

The Week That Was.....7/24/09

What's new this week?

Our President wants Health Care; not, Health Insurance, for All Americans. To quote him, "there is no money"....hhhmmmm........THEN, How do we do this, and afford your proposals, Mr Prez.

Police respond to a 'phoned-in' possible break-in/robbery report, "they acted stupidly" Quoth the Prez......(our Prez knew this man well enuff to know he used a cane..........prejudiced or predisposed??)

Pediatricians make more from Tonsillectomy, then antibiotics........., thus do the surgery first????? I don't know many pediatricians that do surgery....

One trillion dollars, divided by 350million citizens, equals $2,857.142857 per person; Now, if the total debt, not deficit, is 20 to 30 trillion, that includes interest payments (at 30 trillion level) $85,714.28571, for each man, woman, and child. and this doesn't include a second stimulus, or anything additionally on health care, why not just insurance?????? Is anyone out there listening?? A family of 5,$428,571.4285. Just when does our Government reveal itself, as what it is, "of, by, and for"... the GOVERNMENT's power-grab. These figures should scare the "fool" out of ALL of us; BUT, nobody is seeing this, nobody cares, and nobody's voice is heard. Will it be too late, before we see what is going on?
"The end of the world, as we know it, and I'm doing fine........."

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