Tuesday, July 28, 2009



Why can't these Legislators be required to have whatever healthcare program they create for the rest of us?

These Washinton elites claim 48million uninsured, where does that number come from? I hear 15milliuon are illegal immegrants. another 15 million are peolpe who can afford to pay for their medical bills, that leaves only 18million, is this even accurate.

There must be a better way to finance this government, why does the status quo for revenue always remain? Why Not the Fair Tax? Ever heard of it?

Why are these Washington elites not responsive to the electorate? I have never recieved a personal letter from any elected beauracrat that I have sent letters to.......

Cap and Trade is gonna make General Electric, and Al Gore rich, WHY? What is in this legislation that allows financial gain, at the expense of the citizens? Goldman Sachs is on the list of benefactors as well, what is going on?

When will Americans stand up for the country that has stood for them, and their individula rights, for centurys.

When do YOU stand up, time to be counted, close the self-centered focus, and become part of the solution, not the problem. We have the right/ the responsibility to keep this country in existance,

Why did Sen Graham, R-SC, accept this Supreme Court nominee? He was so adament against her on TV interviews, now, when the rubber meets the road, he backs down...........Another weak leader in the Republican Party.


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