Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Letter to Senator Bill Nelson

Sen. Nelson,

First let me thank you for the response emailed to me today, I admit surprise that any of my legislators would even send a "form" back, so thank you. Please don't take this the wrong way, it is time for the government to back off of the current direction, they (you elected officials) have repeatedly proven an inability to control the legislation's costs of the bills you (generic) create. Almost every bill passed is over and above the expenses that should be allotted. The latest bailout, 1 Trillion dollars, plus, ends up costing each American citizen, taxpayer or not, $3000. A family of five, $15000 ( and this is only the beginning of the spending, planned). Wouldn't it be better to stop your (generic) bill passing, and let the dust settle?

These new reforms are only scaring the lending industry more, stopping them from loaning money. Congress' legislation started this whole thing, forcing lenders to loan to unqualified buyers, then the lenders took advantage of law and over-loaned, to unqualified borrowers, then Wall Street bundled, and overvalued these over-lent mortgages as assets. ( The scapegoat, AIG bought them, as did others, and now you (generic) are paying for these assets to several of the purchasers of the assets {sometimes paying for them three or four times, is this fiduciarilly (SP) responsible?}).

This is Government in the way of the people, not of, by, and for, the people. Get out of the way legislatively and let the consuming public bring this back, Government cannot fix this,(as has been repeatedly proven, ie: The Great Depression) time and the people can, and if allowed, will. There is no Constitutional Right not to fail, it is time to allow it to happen.

Thank you for your attention, if........

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