Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Barak Obama's Indoctrination/Implementation

Get used to it, He loves to talk. The adage, 'Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy beer' is very appropriate to Him. Him is President Obama. He is like the EverReady Bunny, going, going, but in his case, he will soon be gone, and in his dust, he will have disrupted, and damaged, this country, and the economy, to almost historic levels. Just remember this IS his plan, break the system, something then has to replace what he broke, and what he wants to replace it with, is what we can't fathom, we don't see, and most aren't willing to look for.....

(Czars, 33 and counting)

So, like he's told you, he doesn't think reparations go far enough, he's told you that the Stimulus, Cap and Trade, and ObamaHealthCare, the GOVERNMENT plan, not the politically correct named... PublicPlan... which are one and the same, people. HIS PLAN is to put US in debt to China for trillions. He is NOT interested in these figures, only the result.... USA's demise.

What we need to advocate, in HealthCare REFORM:

-Reduce law suits, and the amount of liability these suits can bring, TORT REFORM!!!

-Make all Health insurance carriers' policies available to every state, not bought from only a select, state approved, few, in each state, you know, competition, I've railed about the intentional reduction of this philosophy, in the past entries.

-Promote free enterprise, not Government-Growth (this ObamaCare Power-Grab), what has the Government ever done right (Read Social Security, almost broke; Read Medicaid, and Medicare, almost broke, and mismanaged,; Read Fannie-Mae, and Freddie Mac, mis-managed, and corrupted by political cronyism; read the US Postal Service, almost run out of business by more efficient, better organized PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, the list goes on..)? Even the military, Especially under Obama, has been a travesty. The Overseas Contingency Operation, was known as the WAR on TERROR, has been dismal, and Gitmo's closing, the prisoner placement, has been a joke. He, Obama, is not capable of generating a plan, implementing a plan, and winning a WAR, or keeping the Peace. He is so interested in appeasement of his constituents, that there will be nothing left of this ' the Noble Experiment', when he is finally voted out of office, in disgrace. {only three more years, how much damage can He do in that period?}

-Some tax credits for individuals to purchase Health Policies, if they want to, not a mandate for every citizen to own some.

In a Capitalist System, competition generates better pricing, better service, and more innovation. HE HAS YET TO LEARN THESE BASIC PRINCIPLES, AND BASED ON THE FURROWS NOW APPEARING ON HIS BROW, NEVER WILL......

When the Government (public) program is implemented, Insurance companies will be dropped by employers, in favor of the Government's Plan, He doesn't tell you that, does he. This is a less costly way for the employer to provide the healthcare benefit, and will be readily accepted by employers to cut costs, and Government Oversight, to the detriment of Insurance Companies. When the insurance companies don't have enrollees, they will shut down, leaving just the Government program, too many claimants, and not enough Doctors, what happens, THEN?

SO What does happen then? Where do the sick go for care? Where are all the Doctors going to be? Why is this the direction OUR Government wants to take us? WHO in their right mind wants this kind of program? Restrictions, Regulations, and Ques? Who benefits, and at what cost? Who will gain, and who will not?

Obama is Right about one thing, IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.........

The change is less Washington DC, and More pull up YOUR OWN BOOTSTRAPS, and
"Let's Roll"


It is time to R.A.I.N. on their parade.

Remove All Incumbents Now!!!!!!!

Pray For the USA
God Help Us.......................GSM

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